This looked like an interesting ride although I had some reservations about getting on it – with good reason, as it turns out.  Once harnessed in and having reached the point of no return, I told myself OK, let’s do it and get it over with.  From the loading station, the train ascends 128 feet and descends 144 feet into a tunnel, then goes up into a vertical loop followed immediately by a half corkscrew.   These first two inversions were extremely rough; I banged my elbows and hit my head against the harness several times.  That was enough to spoil the ride, as I don’t find getting beaten up by a roller coaster  to be much fun.   Fortunately, the final two inversions were actually a pleasure, as they were not nearly as rough as the first two.   I would by no means classify this as a high thrill ride and it doesn’t travel at high speeds but does have some nice elements and is probably a good coaster for its type. 3 out of 5 stars. .  For more information about rides at Kings Dominion, go to