I had been dying to ride Apollo’s Chariot in order to see how it stacked up against another B&M coaster of similar design, and was not disappointed.  Like Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure, Apollo’s Chariot seats 4 across with only a lap bar as a restraint.  The train begins its ascent to the top immediately upon leaving the loading area, and once at the top, drops onto a short platform before plummeting 210 feet.  The first drop was fabulous and I liked the fact that it was followed by a second drop into a tunnel and a hair-raising left turn along the water.  Other highlights of the ride are a fairly intense helix and sharp right turn.  There is good airtime, even on the bunny hills toward the end of the ride, and at times I felt myself sliding forward in my seat.  All in all, a super good ride – although I think I like Nitro a little more.  One thing which particularly impressed me about Apollo’s Chariot is the speed and efficiency with which the train is dispatched.  In fact, I have never been on a coaster that got dispatched so quickly.  No fuss, no lengthy safety checks, just full speed ahead.  5 out of 5 stars.  For more information about Busch Gardens, go towww.buschgardens.com/buschgardens/va/ Photo courtesy of www.coasterimage.com/