This B&M hypercoaster is noteworthy for both the height and length of the ride.  Seating only two across in eight rows staggered so that in the first row the seats are side by side and in the second spaced apart, the train makes a right turn from the station before ascending a 230-foot lift hill.   It then drops 215 feet at a 75-degree angle, drops again and goes up into a hammerhead turn.   From the front row, the hang time over the initial drop is absolutely mind-blowing, more intense than that on any other coaster I’d ridden.  It was equivalent to experiencing ejector airtime before the train even dropped.  After the hammerhead turn are three consecutive airtime-filled drops – the last of which is over a lake - followed by a brake run.  The train then enters a helix and navigates several bunny hills before returning to the station.  Unlike other B&M coasters of roughly similar design, on which the restraints consist of only lap bars, this one has both lap bars and seat belts.  This towering monster is aptly named.  Smooth, fast and powerful, Behemoth is a coaster well worth riding.  And with a ride duration of 3 minutes 10 seconds, you get a lot of ride for your money.  5 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Canada’s Wonderland, visit