Carolina Cobra is a Vekoma boomerang that features the same elements as every other Vekoma boomerang I’ve ridden: cobra roll and vertical loop.  This one, however, has an interesting history, in that it was moved from Geauga Lake (where it was called Mind Eraser) purchased by Cedar Fair and moved to Carowinds.  Seating 2 across in 7 rows with 7 cars for a total capacity of 28 riders, the train is pulled backwards up a 125-foot lift hill before dropping 120 feet through the loading station and ascending into a cobra roll, followed by a 360-degree vertical loop.  It then goes up another 125-foot lift hill and repeats the elements in reverse.                     

As boomerangs go, this one is pretty good.  I’ve been on some that were real headbangers and that is not the case here.  The ride was comfortable and enjoyable.  Also, at 5.2, the G-force is very good.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Carowinds, visit