Like Apollo’s Chariot, this B&M coaster goes straight up the lift hill from the loading area, and with surprising alacrity.  I could be mistaken, but my impression was that it took less time to reach the top than it did on Nitro.  The first drop of 215 feet at a 74-degree angle is phenomenal and that was followed by a second, lesser drop.  This ride has some interesting elements such as a hammerhead turn similar to the one on Nitro and a spectacular splashdown.  Unfortunately, from the front seat I was unable to see the huge plumes of water which rise up during the splashdown although maybe riders at the back of the train can see this – I would hope so because it looks quite impressive to spectators.  One thing which struck me as unusual was how the seats are arranged.  Diamondback seats 2 across and whereas the seats in the first row are side by side, the seats in the second row are spaced apart, and staggered that way throughout the train.  As to other elements of the ride, the helixes were not as intense as those on other coasters I have ridden but all in all, Diamondback is an excellent and exciting ride.  (Be forewarned that  because this a very popular ride, the wait time to get on it was 2 hours.)  4 ½ out of 5 stars.  .   For more information about rides at Kings Island, go to Second photograph courtesy of

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