This floorless coaster, originally known as Batman:The Knight Flight before being transplanted  from Geauga Lake,  dominates the landscape from the Kings Dominion parking lot, as it’s the closest ride to the park’s entrance.  It was therefore my first and last ride of the day.   When the all clear signal is given, the floor drops out from the loading platform and the train makes a right turn out of the station (after a small dip similar to the one on Nitro) before ascending a 157-foot lift hill.   It then descends 148 feet at a right angle, shoots up into a 135-foot vertical loop, makes an upward right turn, swoops down and goes up into a cobra roll.   The ride features a substantial length of track (4,120 feet) and a total of 5 inversions, the other two of which are interlocking corkscrews.  It’s very well laid out and nicely paced, with good airtime and a strong thrill factor. Although I enjoyed my rides, I found them to be a bit rough in spots and would advise riders to keep their heads back to avoid an ear boxing.  Dominator is as good as if not better than most coasters of this type.  4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Kings Dominion, visit