This coaster is remarkable for both the angle of ascent and angle of descent.    The 121-foot vertical lift is unlike anything I had ever experienced.  (The closest I had come was Mystery Mine at Dollywood, where the ascent was indoors and not as long or steep.)    On the way to the top, you are going straight up and looking right at the sky.   I found this pretty intense.   And because I was sitting in the back of the train, the front had already begun its descent while I was still vertical.  The drop at a 97-degree angle is one of the steepest on an inverted coaster, at least in the United States, and one of many thrill elements of the ride.   The ride features airtime hills and a total of 6 inversions, most notable of which are a cobra roll, 2 corkscrews and a Norwegian loop.  (Norwegian loops are fairly uncommon.) They were all thoroughly enjoyable and the ride proved to be very smooth.

The ride itself is short – just over a minute – as are the trains (I believe that the park usually runs three), which accommodate 12 riders (6 rows of 2 across) but exciting enough to be worth the wait.  Fahrenheit is hot although the ride name refers not to the temperature but to the degree of ascent and descent.  4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Hersheypark, visit