The space-themed Galactica, formerly known as Air, enjoys the distinction of being the first flying coaster to be manufactured by B&M (Bolliger & Mabillard).  It operates with 3 trains containing 7 cars seating 4 across for a total capacity of 28 riders.  There are 2 ride queues so that riders can board from either side of the loading platform.  Once the riders are harnessed in (with over the shoulder restraints and restraints to hold the ankles in place) the train is pronated so that riders are positioned face down.  Upon dispatch the train makes a right turn and ascends a chain lift hill before dropping to the right, racing ahead and flipping the riders over onto their backs.  This is followed by an upward turn – after which riders are once again in a face down position – flight under a bridge and 360-degree in-line twist.

Air was renamed Galactica after VR (virtual reality) headsets were added to the ride.  This would have been interesting to experience but the VR gear was not operating during my visit to Alton Towers so I rode Galactica without any enhancements – not that it needs any.  The fly-to-lie and lie-to-fly transitions were seamless, very smooth, and overall the ride was delightful.  4 out of 5 stars. .  For more information about rides at Alton Towers, visit