Cedar Point’s new coaster for 2013, Gatekeeper, is very aptly named because part of the track overhangs the entrance gates to the park.  A wing coaster seating four across, with two seats on each side of the track, it’s accessed by two flights of stairs leading left and right.   Out of the loading station the train turns right, ascends a 170-foot lift hill and  goes into a dive drop, from which it plunges 164 feet.  This sets a new record for the tallest inversion on a roller coaster, previously held by Volcano The Blast Coaster at 155 feet.   From there the train enters an Immelmann loop.   The configuration of the track is interesting, as the initial section resembles a series of coils contained within a compact area whereas the latter section is stretched out and faintly resembles a figure 8.   On the stretched out section, the train passes through openings in two closely-spaced columns.  Other elements of the ride include a flat spin, zero-g roll, inline twist and inclined dive loop, the last of which is displayed in photograph #4.   Due to the similarity in design/concept, comparisons with Dollywood’s Wild Eagle are almost inevitable.  I found Gatekeeper to be the better of the two rides, for both the elements and the airtime.  4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Cedar Point, visit www.cedarpoint.com