This suspended B&M coaster, in its third incarnation (formerly known as Gambit and Batman:The Ride before being transplanted to Six Flags Fiesta) seats four across and ascends the 105-ft. lift hill directly from the station as soon as the train is dispatched. It then drops 80 feet at an angle before traversing the first of two tight loops.  This is immediately followed by a zero-g roll and the second loop.  I thought that the sequence of inversions contributed a lot to the overall ride experience.  Altogether there are 5 inversions including 2 corkscrews and a couple of other nice elements, most notably a helix and a downward turn that gave me the sensation of free flying.  It’s definitely a fun ride but in my opinion nothing exceptional.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Fiesta, visitβ€Ž