Now that I’ve become somewhat acclimated to riding below the track – something which I had resisted for a long time – I decided to try out this suspended inverted coaster.  It looked as if it might turn out to be a fun ride.   And it has some historical value, as it was the first coaster of its kind to be erected in Pennsylvania.

The ride begins with the train ascending the chain-lift hill and entering a short helix before dropping 120 feet and going up into a 100-foot vertical loop.   There are 4 inversions, the other three being an Immelmann loop, zero-g roll and corkscrew.   I found these all to be very pleasurable, especially the zero-g roll.   As I had anticipated, Great Bear was a fun ride – nothing exceptional, but a fun ride nevertheless. Photograph courtesy of  3 out of 5 stars. .  For more information about rides at Hersheypark, visit