The only reason – other than curiosity -  I rode this coaster was to prove that I’m not a wimp.  I certainly hadn’t expected to enjoy the ride, as hanging over a precipice 205 feet up in the air did not strike me as a whole lot of fun.  Well, surprise, surprise – it turned out to be a hell of a good ride.  It got off to a great start with the floor dropping out from under the train and the train rounding a bend before climbing to the top.  The ascent to the top was remarkably fast and effortless.  Once at the top, the fun began in earnest.  Being tilted forward at 205 feet, unable to see the track below me, seemingly suspended in midair and held there for some seconds before being dropped straight down was pretty amazing.  I was even able to enjoy the scenery.   The 205-foot drop at a 90-degree angle comes without any warning – and what a great drop!  The remainder of the ride was pretty cool with another, shorter suspension over a drop half the size of the first, a couple of inversions and splashdown (no, you don’t get wet).  On the first ride I was in the middle of the first row and on the second, in the next-to-last seat on the left, and I must say that sitting near the end of a row is an experience in itself.  Near the end of the row, I was literally riding completely off the track and this felt very weird, especially when the train was hanging over the first drop, but it was even more awesome from this perspective than it was from the middle.  Griffon is undoubtedly the most unusual coaster I have ridden thus far.  4 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at BuschGardens, go to  First photograph courtesy of