Because Grizzly is mostly hidden in the woods, I had little or no idea of what to expect.   The only thing I expected was a ride on an aging wooden coaster and that is what I got.    From the loading station, the train turns left and navigates a switchtrack before ascending an 87-foot lift hill.   The lift hill proved to be a precursor of what was to come.  While on the lift hill, the train struck me as unstable to the point of feeling rickety.    After the initial 84-foot drop, the train underwent a noticeable loss of acceleration upon reaching the first turn.   From there it went through a series of drops and turns.   It was a very rough ride, even from the 3rd row.    At one point the train goes through a tunnel and although this is probably the high point of the ride, I thought that it was also the roughest part.   This coaster features 3, 150 feet of track and a figure 8 layout.  Grizzly isn’t a bad ride if you like it rough. 2 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Kings Dominion, visit  Photograph courtesy of