What I found most intriguing about Hydra the Revenge is that it’s the only coaster I’ve ridden thus far which features an inversion before the lift hill.  After the floor drops out from the loading area and the train is dispatched, this coaster rolls you over, makes a turn, climbs 95 feet, drops you 105 feet and sends you into a loop.   There are 6 or 7 inversions; there is apparently some controversy about this, as some claim that riders are inverted during the dive loop and others claim that they are only sharply banked.   I’m not sure about this, even after watching the video I shot.  However many inversions there are, they were all enjoyable, with the zero g-roll probably being the best one.  It was a fun ride but nothing exceptional.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Dorney Park, visit www.dorneypark.com/