Considering the fabulous job that Rocky Mountain Construction did with New Texas Giant – see my review - I was eager to experience Iron Rattler.  Featuring RMC’s signature I-Box track and outstanding topography (it was built over a limestone quarry), this coaster is a marvel of engineering.  It operates with two Gerstlauer trains of six cars seating two across in two rows for a total capacity of 24 riders.   The restraint consists of a lap bar (with almost nothing to hold onto) and seat belt.  Upon dispatch, the train makes a right turn out of the loading station and picks up speed, almost as a tease, before slowing down and ascending the 179-foot chain lift hill.  For those riding in the front, it  seems to stop dead in its tracks at the crest of the hill, hanging over the drop; for those riding in the back, it likewise comes to a near standstill - and on one of my rides it almost felt as if the train was going to roll backwards.  After several seconds of suspense, the train plummets 171 feet slightly to the left at an 81-degree angle.  What a drop! 

From the initial drop the train ascends and takes the riders through a rollicking, wild ride as it navigates a 110-degree overbanked turn to the right followed by a 95-degree overbanked turn.  It veers slightly left and goes into a barrel roll.  This is followed by a 98-degree overbanked turn and 93-degree overbanked turn.  During the latter part of the course the train swerves to the right and zooms into a tunnel before hitting the brake run and returning to the station.

The terrain is spectacular and the elements are wonderful.  Highlights would undoubtedly be the steep drop, barrel roll and tunnel.  Riding this coaster at night proved to be a pretty amazing experience, as the track is not illuminated and the tunnel was pitch black.  (Although at one point the tunnel featured special effects, this was not the case when I rode; because of the total darkness, going through the tunnel was both eerie and electrifying.)  Iron Rattler is an extreme thrill ride which is also nicely themed, with a rattlesnake head at the front of the trains and a sign saying “World’s Longest Rattlesnake” in the winding queue leading to the loading station (Indeed, it features 3,266 feet of track.)  Totally awesome!  5 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, visit