This wooden coaster from William Cobb & Associates dates back to 1980 and features an out and back layout.  Seating two across in three rows with four cars for a total capacity of 24 riders, the train makes a right turn from the loading station and ascends a 71-foot lift hill.  Once at the top it drops 65 feet and continues its course over several more consecutive drops.  This is followed by a right turn, after which the train traverses a series of dips on its way back to the station.  The maximum speed is 53 mph.

 The ride is surprisingly smooth for a wooden coaster 36 years old at the time of my writing this.   There was none of the roughness that I had anticipated.  While hardly a high thrill ride, Judge Roy Scream is an enjoyable and fun ride.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Over Texas, visit