In Doswell, Virginia, 20 miles north of Richmond and 75 miles south of Washington, D.C., Kings Dominion is one of the many spectacular theme parks owned by Cedar Fair.  It’s easily accessible by I-95.   Featuring a superabundance of attractions, including fourteen roller coasters, this park has something for everyone.   Among the most noteworthy coasters is the redoubtable Intimidator 305, themed for the late race car driver Dale Earnhardt, with its awesome 300-foot drop and staggering twists in the track.   Volcano The Blast Coaster, an inverted launch coaster, until recently held the record for the longest inversion on any coaster, with a rollout at 155 feet.  Flight of Fear, another launch coaster, takes the riders through four inversions in the dark.  The park has a number of family rides and for kids, there are multiple options in the Planet Snoopy section.  It also has the WaterWorks water park.

Kings Dominion offers live entertainment in the form of a musical extravaganza, light show and karaoke, to name just a few attractions.  Not all of these attractions are open throughout the operating season; some are available only through September 1.

Due to the popularity of this park, ride queues often tend to be long, so the best option for getting in as many rides as possible is Fast Lane.  In order to have access to Intimidator 305, it is necessary to upgrade to Fast Lane Plus, $70 as of 2013.   Fast Lane Plus customers do not have access to the front row on I-305.

The staff is congenial and the park provides storage for loose articles which cannot be taken on rides.  On Volcano, a staff member actually wheels a cart through the loading station in order to collect any items that cannot not go along for the ride.

With shopping, multiple dining options (including an array of choices for vegetarians or others with special dietary needs) and some of the best rides to be had anywhere, Kings Dominion is a theme park in which park guests will not be disappointed.  5 out of 5 stars. For more information about Kings Dominion, visitβ€Ž  Photo courtesy of, a great website for coaster pix.