Located in Mason, Ohio, approximately equidistant from Cincinnati and Dayton, Kings Island is one of the premier theme parks in the Cedar Fair chain.  It’s one of only two parks in the USA – the other one being Six Flags Great Adventure – which has both a steel coaster (Diamondback) and wooden coaster (The Beast) outstanding enough to make the top ten for the Golden Ticket Awards.  The park features a total of 13 roller coasters, soon to be 14 with the addition of the eagerly anticipated Banshee in 2014.

 There are enough rides and attractions to appeal to any taste and age group.   The non-coaster rides range from the White Water Canyon rafting ride, a 5-minute-long soaker, to a steam locomotive ride to traditional rides such as Dodgems and Scrambler.   The park has consistently won the Golden Ticket Award for “Best Kids Area.”  Soak City water park is included in the price of admission.  Dining options are fairly standard in terms of typical park fare.

 This is a very popular park  - the second most visited in the USA after Cedar Point – and park guests should be prepared for long queues.   When the author visited Kings Island, it took almost half an hour to find a parking space, another half hour to get something to eat and a lot longer to get on a roller coaster.  The wait to get on Diamondback was 2 hours and the wait to get on The Beast was slightly over 2 hours.  In order to maximize a day at the park, guests would be well advised to purchase Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus.  Diamondback is accessible by Fast Lane but The Beast requires Fast Lane Plus.  As of 2013, the price for Fast Lane online was $40.00 and for Fast Lane Plus, $60.00.

 Kings Island is a pretty amazing park but because it’s almost invariably a mob scene, I cannot give it the 5 stars which it would otherwise deserve.  4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about attractions at Kings Island, visit https://www.visitkingsisland.com/‎  Photograph courtesy of www.coasterimage.com/