I had heard conflicting reports about this coaster before riding it.  It was good, it was awful, it was rough to the point of being painful, it was lacking in airtime, etc.    When I first went to Cedar Point, Mean Streak was closed for the season and now that I’ve had an opportunity to ride it, I would have to say that I wasn’t missing much.   There is hardly any wait to ride and that says a lot. I agree that it’s lacking in airtime – surprisingly, considering its massive proportions.   With an initial drop of 155 feet, you would expect more in the way of thrills.  (The first drop on The Voyage is only about 12 feet longer but on that coaster,  it’s a real thrill.) I didn’t feel much of anything on the first drop.  What the ride does offer is a jerky circuit of the lengthy track for almost 2 ½ minutes.  It’s a very, very bumpy ride.  And I would imagine that in the back of the train, it’s pretty rough – although I didn’t notice that when riding in the front.  Because the ride is rather long, I found myself wondering how long I’d been riding with my seat belt unfastened.  (When the train returned to the station, I was horrified to discover that the seat belt had come loose – but because the primary restraint is a lap bar, no harm no foul.)  Mean Streak isn’t a bad ride and at times was kind of fun; it just isn’t a particularly good ride.  2 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Cedar Point, visit www.cedarpoint.com/