This coaster is very aptly named because part of the ride is indoors and what happens inside the mine is indeed a mystery to the uninitiated.  Some interesting things happen inside the mine, such as the train stopping in total darkness.  There are odd shapes, eyes seemingly looking at you and cackles.  It’s pretty weird and eerie but in a fun way.  Upon exiting the mine the first time, the train goes up a lift hill at a 95-degree angle; it really does feel as if you’re going straight up.  Inside the mine for the second time, riders are treated to another steep ascent and spectacular effects with flames bursting forth and a sensation of intense heat. The two inversions –  heartline roll and dive loop – take place outside the mine and are pretty entertaining, especially the last one.  However, the ride on the whole tends to be a bit on the rough side.   A ride operator suggested holding onto the harness to avoid banging my head, and this was good advice.  One thing which struck me as unusual about this coaster was the configuration of the train, which consists of only two rows seating four across.   Mystery Mine is a fun and fairly original ride.  3 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Dollywood, visit