Having posted my best ride experience of 2013, I thought it only fitting to post my worst.  Of all the coasters I rode during the past year, one stands out as egregiously awful.  I’ve ridden some headbangers  - a couple that come to mind immediately are Anaconda at Kings Dominion and Flashback at Six Flags New England – but Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England takes the cake.   This coaster looked innocuous enough and even pretty interesting, and while I can’t say that the ride wasn’t interesting, I can say that it was pure hell.   OK, so it was different from other inverted coasters I’ve ridden in that it doesn’t follow the standard layout of an initial drop followed by a vertical loop.  After the initial drop it proceeds into a roll over – an element I’d never experienced before - which was brutal.  The other inversions – sidewinder and double in-line twist – were equally rough.  I found myself being knocked about mercilessly, and not only my head but also my neck and shoulders were getting roughed up to the point at which it became agonizing.   This twisted mass of steel was twisting me out of shape and I couldn’t wait for the ride to end.   My ride on Mind Eraser is one that I’d like to erase from memory. What’s your worst ride experience of 2013?