Six Flags Great Adventure opened for the 2014 season on Saturday, April 12.  Since my last visit to the park, there have been some significant changes.   The most noticeable of these are the addition of the three Zumanjaro drop towers to Kingda Ka and the absence of Rolling Thunder.   With Rolling Thunder gone, El Toro, whose track was partially obscured from view by RT, is now completely out in the open.   A remnant of Rolling Thunder is still in place, visible in the foreground of the first photograph.  This gives rise to speculation as to whether it will remain permanently in place, perhaps as a memorial?

 Kingda Ka was not operating for reasons evident in the second photograph.  It’s scheduled to resume operation when Zumanjaro opens on May 24.

 There has been a major change in the season pass processing procedure.  Historically, season pass holders were photographed and the photographs were on the passes.  No more.  This season, pass holders get a plastic card with no photograph; they will be identified by fingerprint.  Upon entering the park, pass holders will show the card and have their index finger scanned.  Another change is that whereas season pass holders previously received a book of discount coupons, the coupons are now available only on line and must be uploaded onto the passes.

Six Flags staff went out of their way to make opening day a success, and it was, with a few minor glitches.  El Toro, Nitro and Bizarro all experienced “technical difficulties” while I was waiting to ride them although park personnel did a good job of getting them back up and running.  A Superman train is rumoured to have gotten stuck on the lift hill, forcing evacuation of riders, but this is unconfirmed.  All in all, a good opening day.