About a 20-minute drive from Toronto Pearson airport, Canada’s Wonderland is a theme park truly full of wonders.  Beautifully scenic – from the fountain near the entrance to the centrepiece Wonder Mountain to the medieval castles – it offers an extensive collection of rides suitable for thrill seekers, families and tots.   It’s the home of the mighty Leviathan (at the top of the coaster polls at the time of writing and the best steel coaster I’ve ever ridden), the awesome Behemoth and a number of thrilling flat rides.  Of note are Riptide and the 301-foot tall WindSeeker (swing ride). 

The park tends to be extremely crowded and as a result I found it necessary to purchase Fast Lane Plus in order to enjoy the maximum number of rides I could get in one day.   Leviathan alone would have entailed a two-hour wait and Behemoth over an hour. 

Dining options are plentiful, from gourmet pizza to sweet potato fries to exotic pastries.  I was delighted to discover that the park has a Starbucks concession because that was something that I as an American in Canada for the first time could trust if all else failed. 

Single day admission tickets as of 2014 cost $39.99, more than reasonable compared with the price of admission to other parks.  Also, the exchange rate between Canadian and US dollars at the time of my visit was favourable to US dollars so my ticket cost me about $35.00.  Even better, the park accepts US dollars for everything they sell and this was a great bonus as it eliminated the need to exchange currency and pay a fee for doing so. 

Canada’s Wonderland is an absolute delight.  5 out of 5 stars.