This triple out and back woodie from International Coasters, Inc. is situated a short distance from the daunting Fury 325.  Seating two across in 14 rows for a total ride capacity of 28, the train makes a slight right turn from the loading station, ascends an 83-foot lift hill, makes a wider right turn and drops 80 feet.  This is followed by two consecutive drops, another right banked turn, two more drops, yet another right turn, drop and right turn.  It features a suberabundance of right turns.

 The ride experience is essentially as could be anticipated from a coaster of this design.  There are some decent pops of airtime and although the maximum speed is only 50mph, it feels as if it’s going along at a pretty good clip.  And yes, it’s a bit rough in spots.  However, interestingly enough, it is not as rough as Hurler at Kings Dominion despite the fact that both coasters are identical in layout and manufacture.

 Hurler is an OK intermediate coaster for those who would prefer not to take on the challenge of aggressive thrill rides such as Fury 325 and Intimidator.  2 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Carowinds, visit