Located in Gurnee, Illinois, approximately 35 minutes from Chicago O’Hare and an hour away from Chicago Midway, Six Flags Great America has an impressive collection of rides for all ages and thrill levels.  As of 2014, it became the home of the tallest, faster and steepest wooden roller coaster in existence, the mighty Goliath.  It’s also the home of the original Batman:The Ride (clones of which are in other Six Flags parks) and the wildly entertaining X-Flight, the best wing coaster I’ve ridden at the time of writing this. 

As at other Six Flags parks, the Flash Pass that enables guests to reserve rides without having to wait in line is available for an upcharge.  Because the wait to ride the newly opened Goliath was approximately 2 ½ hours at the time of my visit and Goliath could be reserved only with a Platinum Flash Pass (pricey at $110), I purchased one and soon encountered a problem.   Staff at the Flash Pass station neglected to inform me that due to Goliath’s immense popularity, only one ride was permitted.  (The Platinum Flash Pass is advertised as enabling consecutive riding with unlimited reservations and virtually no wait time.) This was a serious omission.  I complained and they agreed to add a second reservation for Goliath to my pass but even then it was hardly cost-effective.  As good as that coaster is, it’s hardly worth $55 a ride!  At least I was able to get consecutive rides with no wait on the other coasters. 

Dining options are about what one would expect at a theme park but plentiful enough to cater to all tastes and lifestyles including vegetarians.  The park also offers live entertainment. 

Throughout the park I saw signs to the effect that Six Flags Great America is the cleanest park in America.  I wouldn’t go as far as to agree with that but the park is very clean and well maintained, also well landscaped.  4 ½  out of 5 stars.  For more information about Six Flags Great America, visit https://www.sixflags.com/greatamerica