A bobsled coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort, Flying Turns was built in-house by the park and finally opened in October of 2013 after seven years of construction and testing.   Featuring three cars, each of which seats up to two riders, for a total capacity of eight, this coaster begins with a small lift hill and S curve followed by a larger lift hill.  From that point the train negotiates a series of twists and turns before returning to the loading station.  The restraint consists of a seat belt.

 What struck me most about this ride is the exhilaration and airtime of rising near the top of the banked turns without benefit of a track.  Also, the ride was remarkably smooth and fluid.  I found it vastly superior to the only other bobsled coaster I’d ridden, Avalanche at Kings Dominion.

 The ride is short but sweet.  This was the only ride other than the park’s newest coaster, Impulse, that had a significant wait time, and I can see why.  Flying Turns is a really fun ride that should not be missed on a visit to Knoebels.  4 out of 5 stars.   For more information about rides at Knoebels, visit www.knoebels.com.  Video courtesy of Coaster Force.