An LSM launch coaster manufactured by Zierer, Wicked operates with six trains seating four across in two rows for a total capacity of eight riders.   Upon dispatch the train makes a left turn out of the loading station and enters a tunnel through which the riders experience first a horizontal launch and then a vertical launch up 110 feet followed by a 90-degree free fall.   The train ascends into an overbanked turn and goes into a zero-g roll, navigates a wicked curve and reaches the block brake.  From there the train floats downhill before going up into two back-to-back half-pipe elements (90-degree turns).  It enters a helix, descends into another tunnel and hits the brake run before returning to the station.

Highlights of the ride include the vertical launch, free fall and zero-g roll.  The airtime is excellent and while the ride is short, it’s short and sweet.  Wicked will not disappoint those looking for a coaster that falls into the category of extreme.  4 out of 5 stars.   For more information about rides at Lagoon, visit