This steel coaster first operated at the 1974 World Fair in Spokane and was relocated to Lagoon in 1976.  Seating six riders inline, Jet Star 2’s configuration is much like that of a bobsled coaster in that the two riders in each row sit one in front of the other.  Because the restraint – a seat belt – is designed to secure two riders, Lagoon’s policy prohibits single riders from riding.

Upon leaving the loading station, the train ascends to the top of the structure via an electric spiral lift.  This involves a number of right turns and gives the impression of going around in circles.  Once at the top, the train veers right and drops, banking steeply at the bottom of the drop, before turning left and going up another hill.   From there it traverses a number of drops and turns before reaching the brake run. 

The drops and turns are very nicely banked, affording some good airtime.  Jet Star 2 offers a pretty entertaining ride.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Lagoon, visit