An inverted B&M coaster at Carowinds, Afterburn is classified by RCDB (Roller Coaster Database) as extreme.  Considering the six inversions, I would have to agree that this is an accurate assessment.

 Featuring two trains with 8 rows seating 4 across for a total capacity of 32 riders and an over-the shoulder harness with attached seat belt as a restraint, the ride begins with an ascent up a 113-foot lift hill.   Dropping to the right, the train soars into a vertical loop, dips deliciously close to the ground and goes up into an Immelmann loop, once again dropping before propelling riders into a zero-g roll.  This is followed by a Batwing element and corkscrew. 

 Highlights of the ride include the Batwing and passage through a concrete tunnel.  The elements flow very smoothly and take the riders on a journey which is as startling as it is intense.  I found this coaster to be a blast from beginning to end and ended up riding it twice in succession.  The pace was such that the ride seemed almost too short and I could hardly believe that we were already back at the station.

 Afterburn is, in a word, awesome.  It’s one of those coasters on which you are likely to feel that you didn’t get enough and will be screaming for more.  5 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Carowinds, visit