Outlaw Run was among the most eagerly anticipated coasters to open in 2013 and after six rides on it, I can certainly appreciate why.  This coaster has it all – aggressive thrills, airtime, novelty – and threatens to displace El Toro as my all-time favourite woodie.  From the old west-themed loading station, the train goes under the bridge used to exit the ride and ascends a 107-foot lift hill.  From there it makes a short dip and short hop up before plunging 162 feet at an 81-degree angle.  (Before Outlaw Run opened, El Toro had the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the USA at 76 degrees.)   The drop, as anticipated, was breathtaking, with phenomenal floater airtime.   Following the drop is a 153-degree overbanked turn which almost feels like an inversion.  The ride supposedly features three inversions but the only time I perceived myself to be completely upside down was during the double barrel roll – although the first overbanked turn came awfully close. 

With the drops, turns and inversions, this coaster has both floater and ejector airtime.  I found the airtime to be somewhat better in the back of the train although the front seat is fun because there’s nothing like staring down at that first drop.  The train moves along at a pretty good clip (68mph) and never perceptibly slows down. Toward the end of the ride is a pretty amazing wave turn followed by the double barrel roll, which was beyond awesome and almost blew me away.   An inversion such as this on a wooden coaster is cause for celebration.   I should mention the fact that the restraints consist only of a lap bar and shin restraint, and there is really nothing to hold onto!  This works, however, the only drawback being that the shin restraint makes it impossible for riders to put their feet flat down on the floor of the train and can be felt at moments of airtime but I didn’t find that to detract from the quality of the ride.  Alas, the ride is over all too soon.  Outlaw Run is a marvel of engineering and one of the best coasters I’ve ever ridden.  5 out of 5 stars.  For move information about rides at Silver DollarCity, visit www.silverdollarcity.com