Possessed has been through a number of incarnations since its inception at Six Flags World of Adventure, which became Geauga Lake after the park was sold to Cedar Fair.   Originally named Superman: Ultimate Escape, it has also been known as Steel Venom, Voodoo and finally, Possessed.  After being transferred to Dorney Park, it was known as Voodoo but due to a copyright issue, the name was changed to Possessed.    An inverted LIM (linear induction motor) launch coaster, it propels riders back and forth between two spikes, one of which is twisted and one of which is straight.   Unlike many suspended coasters, this one seats only two across.   From the loading station, the train is launched at a speed of 70mph to about ¾ of the way up the twisted spike, rotating the riders 180 degrees in the process.   The riders are then launched backwards up the straight spike, launched forward up the twisted spike and again launched backwards up the straight spike.   After the second launch up the straight spike, the holding brake freezes the train so that riders are held there for a couple of seconds before being launched back to the twisted spike.   The train is then launched backwards back to the loading station, so that riders are launched up the twisted spike three times but up the straight spike only twice. 

Although this coaster is 180 feet tall, because the train is not launched to the top of either spike, the drop is only 125 feet.  According to Roller Coaster Database, the maximum vertical angle is 90 degrees.  I must admit that I was somewhat apprehensive about riding Possessed but it’s not nearly as scary as it looks.    The scariest moment, in my three rides, was being held on the straight spike after the second launch up that spike.  This was somewhat unnerving.  And there was a definite thrill to be experienced in the 180-degree rotation on the twisted spike.  I tried several different riding positions and found that the front seat was better for the twisted spike, as that resulted in being significantly higher up than those at the back of the train, but of course the exact opposite is true when the train is launched backwards up the other spike.   The ride is very short and this makes sense because it’s too repetitive to sustain anyone’s enthusiasm or excitement for much longer.  Possessed provides an interesting and somewhat electrifying ride but not one which is any way spectacular, probably due to the relatively low G forces.   The one thing about it that does stand out is that it’s different.    3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Dorney Park, visit www.dorneypark.com