This Bolliger and Mabillard “hyper-twister” coaster contains many of the same elements as other B&M hyper coasters but with a different layout.  (The restraints consists of lap bars similar to those on other B&M hypers.) Seating four across in nine rows for a total capacity of 36, the train makes a left turn from the station, dips (like B&M’s Nitro) and ascends a 202-foot lift hill.  Upon reaching the top, it makes a pre-drop before plummeting 208 feet into a tunnel at 73 mph and going up into the first of two hammerhead turns.   Coming off the hammerhead turn, the train slows perceptibly in ascending the second hill.  This is because trim brakes were added since the ride first opened.   After dropping 128 feet the train passes under the lift hill and ascends to the second hammerhead turn.  The ride features a number of twists and unlike other B&M hyper coasters I’ve ridden, this one has a helix AFTER the brake run, not before.   The helix is followed by several turns and some bunny hills.

 The ride experience is enjoyable and at 2 minutes 30 seconds, you get a lot of ride for your money.   The pre-drop at the top of the lift hill is fun because riders get the impression that they are about to take off, only to discover that this was just a teaser.  (Pre-drops are common – B&M’s Apollo’s Chariot has one – and designed to ease the tension on the chain pulling the train up the lift hill.)  One thing I didn’t like about the ride was the trim brakes, as I felt that they detracted from the overall ride experience and created the impression that the train was about to lose power.   All in all, however, Raging Bull gives you a ride which is definitely above average.  4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Great America, visit