This wooden duelling coaster features two tracks with red and blue trains although both red and blue trains run on both tracks.  From the side on which I was riding, the train makes a right turn out of the loading station and ascends an 85-foot lift hill.  (From the other side, the train presumably makes a left turn out of the station.)  It then drops 81 feet before going through a series of turns, drops and bunny hills which afford some nice pops of airtime.   As a result I found myself repeatedly sliding forward in my seat and couldn’t use my feet to brace myself because there was an open space between my row and the row in front of me, with nothing to offer resistance.   Duelling coasters are always fun and this one is no different.   In my opinion Rebel Yell is not as good a ride as, for instance, Lightning Racer, but not at all bad.  3 out of 4 stars.   For more information about rides at Kings Dominion,