The last mine train to be built by Arrow Dynamics at a Six Flags park, Roadrunner Express is an intermediate coaster with appeal to a wide demographic.  It’s situated next to Iron Rattler and in fact passes under Iron Rattler; this undoubtedly adds to its appeal.  Featuring two trains with six cars seating two across in three rows for a total capacity of 36 riders, it goes directly from the loading station up a 73-foot lift hill before dropping 45 feet, veering to the right twice and to the left twice.  It then ascends a second, 38-foot lift hill before dropping again and swerving right, right, left and left.  The turns are sharp enough to add an edge to the ride and it feels as if the rider is entering a small helix.

While the height and other stats are hardly impressive, Roadrunner Express does manage to pack a punch.  Hardly an extreme thrill ride, it’s nevertheless quite enjoyable.  I rode this coaster a couple of times between rides on Iron Rattler and got a kick out of it.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, visit www.