One of the ten oldest operating wooden roller coasters in the USA (opened in 1921 and partially rebuilt – station and lift hill - after fire damage in 1953), Roller Coaster at Lagoon is a true classic.   And while the stats are hardly impressive by today’s standards, the fact that it’s still running is indeed impressive.

With four cars seating two across in rows of three for a total capacity of 24 riders, the train makes a right turn out of the loading station and ascends a 62-foot lift hill.  It then descends into the first of two consecutive drops before turning left and navigating two more drops.  This is followed by another left turn leading up to two drops and yet another left turn leading into several smaller drops before the train returns to the station.

What’s remarkable about this coaster is that for a wooden coaster of such vintage, it is not at all rough.  Older wooden coasters can be punishing but this one is most decidedly not.   It’s a fun ride with some really good pops of airtime.  3 out of 5 stars.   For more information about rides at Lagoon, visit