The oldest operating coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure, Runaway Mine Train is neither tall nor fast but despite that is not entirely lacking in interest or thrills. After leaving the station, the train climbs a 60-foot lift hill and shortly thereafter, drops – not 60 but 39 feet – into a right-angled double downward helix.  This is followed by a series of short drops interspersed with turns and another helix.   Just before returning to the station, the train negotiates a banked turn over a lake.   The maximum speed is only 38mph but what this coaster lacks in speed, it makes up for in intensity.   Because of the angles and the fact that the ride is much rougher than one would expect from a steel coaster, it shakes, rattles and rolls.   Runaway Mine Train may not be an aggressive thrill ride but it’s far from dull and I don’t know that I could ride it hands in the air without being thrown completely off balance.  3 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags Great Adventure, visit‎