Located in Branson, Missouri at the site of the historic Marvel Cave, Silver Dollar City is an 1880’s-themed theme park featuring multiple attractions including rides, shows, arts & crafts and a petting zoo.   It’s the home of Outlaw Run, one of the most exciting coasters to open in 2013, with the steepest drop of any wooden coaster in the USA and a unique double barrel roll.  Other notable rides include the launch coaster Powder Keg, powered by compressed air, and the B&M looper Wildfire.

The park has a distinct old west flavour which extends to the wardrobe of the staff.  Even the loading stations of the rides are filled with artifacts that revert to an earlier era and summon images of the old mining town over which the park was built.    A prime example of the décor is the stagecoach replica outside Outlaw Run.  There are so many things to do and see that a single day at this park is hardly sufficient.    Park guests can watch leatherworking, glass blowing, pottery and baking demonstrations among others.  An hour-long tour of the Marvel Cave, a national landmark in the Ozarks, is available but recommended only for those in good physical shape, as it involves walking up 600 steps.   There are a number of shows and music is heard throughout the park.  As to the rides, there are plenty for everyone.  Those who don’t dare to take on Outlaw Run or one of the other bigger rides can ride anything from a float trip to an indoor family coaster to a steam train to a kiddie coaster.

As of 2013, a Trailblazer pass affording priority access for up to 8 rides (those using this for Outlaw Run are limited to one) was available for $32.50.  At $58.00, admission tickets are in the mid price range for theme parks and seniors get only a $2.00 discount.

Dining options are plentiful with an emphasis on country cooking.Silver Dollar City is a charming, friendly and utterly delightful theme park. 5 out of 5 stars.  For more information about Silver Dollar City, visit www.silverdollarcity.com/‎  Photo courtesy of www.coasterimage.com/