Stinger is a Vekoma inverted boomerang located at Dorney Park.  It was originally located at California’s Great Adventure, where it was known as Invertigo.  With 7 cars seating two across in two rows for a total capacity of 28 riders, it differs from other boomerangs I’ve ridden in that it features face-off seats so that riders are riding in opposite directions.

The coaster features the same elements as other Vekoma boomerangs – i.e., lift hill, cobra roll, vertical loop and second lift hill.  Upon dispatch the train is pulled up a 131-foot lift hill, backwards or forward depending upon which way you’re facing, drops 125 feet through the station, enters a cobra roll, goes through a 72-foot vertical loop and reaches the second lift hill, after which it drops and travels through the same elements  in reverse.

To say that Stinger doesn’t have the best track record is an understatement.  This coaster has experienced a lot of downtime due to malfunctions and one year was closed for much of the season.  When it’s operating normally, however, it provides an enjoyable ride experience, superior to that on most boomerangs.  The elements are fun and I especially like the face-off seats.  It’s refreshing to be able to look riders sitting across from you straight in the eye and maybe even exchange a few words with them on the way up the lift hill.  Stinger gets 4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Dorney Park visit