One of two wooden coasters at Six Flags New England, Thunderbolt is the older and smaller one.   In fact it’s the oldest operating coaster at any Six Flags park with the exception of one that was transplanted from a park outside the Six Flags chain.  It features a classic out and back layout with a figure 8 configuration.  From the loading station, the train makes a left turn, ascends a 70-foot lift hill and goes around a bend to the left before dropping 70 feet.   It then goes up into a right-banked curve and takes the riders through two consecutive drops.  This is followed by several more turns and drops, right/left/left.   Surprisingly, I liked Thunderbolt more than I liked Cyclone at this park.   It’s hardly a high thrill ride but at least it has some life – and airtime – left in it.  Thunderbolt isn’t great but it’s quite OK.  2 ½ out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Six Flags New England,