Although I’d ridden a number of inverted coasters, I’d never ridden a suspended coaster, so that this was a new experience.   Built by Arrow Dynamics, Vortex is one of several coasters configured around Canada’s Wonderland’s Wonder Mountain.  Consisting of six cars seating two across in rows of two,  the train proceeds directly from the loading station up a 91-foot lift hill, reaching the centre of the mountain, before making a right turn and dropping 85 feet.  It negotiates a series of sweeping sideways turns, flying over the grass and at one point swooping just over the water.   What makes this ride especially dynamic is that the cars swing freely from side to side, resulting in lateral g forces.    I found, however, that the swinging motion also contributes to the ride’s being a bit rough in spots.   Given the coaster’s design, the restraints are, not surprisingly, harnesses.  With a speed of 55 mph, Vortex is the fastest coaster of this type in operation as of 2014.  3 out of 5 stars.   For more information about rides at Canada’s Wonderland visit