Wicked Cyclone is Rocky Mountain Construction’s makeover of Riverside Cyclone at Six Flags New England.  What RMC did was to transform a boring, moribund coaster into something exciting and vital.  With two trains comprised of 6 cars seating two across for a total of 24 riders, the ride begins with a right turn out of the loading station and ascent of a 109-foot chain lift hill.  The train then plummets at a 78-degree angle and goes up into a 120-degree left overbanked turn.  This leads into a bunny hop and 200-degree zero-g stall.  The remainder of the ride consists of several more overbanked turns, a double down, two zero-g rolls and the first ever double reversing bank airtime hill.   These elements are interspersed with a number of small airtime hills.

The three inversions are awesome – pretty intense -  and the small hills offer great ejector airtime.  From start to finish there is not a dull moment.  This coaster races through the elements in such a way as to leave the riders breathless and euphoric. And I really liked the restraints, consisting of only a lap bar and shin guard, which resulted in a glorious feeling of freedom.  Wicked Cyclone is both novel and fabulous. 5 out of 5 stars. Video courtesy of Six Flags New England.  For more information about rides at Six Flags New England, visithttps://www.sixflags.com/newengland