Wild Beast is the smaller of the two wooden coasters at Canada’s Wonderland manufactured by Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters.   Seating 28 riders (7 cars seating two across in two rows), the train makes a left turn out of the station, veers slightly right and ascends an 82-foot lift hill.  It then drops 78 feet to the left, traverses a small hill, makes a left turn, goes over another small hill, turns right for a couple of small hills, then left for more small hills before heading back to the station.   What struck me most about this coaster is the lateral motion.  It’s a rough ride, and the experience of repeatedly being thrown from side to side reminded me of the Coney Island Cyclone at its worst – although this is not nearly as good or thrilling a ride as the Cyclone.  2 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Canada’s Wonderland, visit www.canadaswonderland.com