Wildfire is not dissimilar to other B&M looping steel coasters I’ve ridden but there is one notable difference.  Most coasters of this type descend the initial drop at an angle before entering the first inversion but the drop on Wildfire is straight down.   From the loading station, the train makes a right turn, ascends a 120-foot lift hill and drops an impressive 155 feet before entering an Immelmann loop.   This is followed by a vertical loop, cobra roll and finally, near the end of the ride, a corkscrew.    The train travels at a speed of 66 mph and features a banked curve before the corkscrew.   Wildfire provides an enjoyable ride experience and in my opinion is a cut above other coasters of similar design. 4 out of 5 stars.  For more information about rides at Silver Dollar City, visit www.silverdollarcity.com